About Us

Dais for all, as the name suggest is the digital platform for all. All be it a student, professional, homemaker or an entrepreneur can make use of this platform for various purposes.


Dais for all is made with a vision of encashing not only one’s knowledge but also an urge for knowledge. I will request users not to confuse this as just a blogging website. Because here with every blog of yours and the website visit you get the points which can be later be in cashed in the form of coupons for the purchase from Electric Plaza, which is a branded electrical online seller.


The mission of dais for all is to give user a single platform for multiple usage. This is designed and developed to ensure one stop solutions for all the visitors. Knowledge is a horizon which has no end, similarly dais for all is a platform of knowledge spreaders and knowledge seekers with no limits. This is a user-friendly platform; therefore, we request all the registered users or guest to share their views or queries if any so that we can meet our viewers expectations.

Why Us

Dais for all is not just a blogger website. The users need to browse various websites for the answer and must share the social account details. Understanding the fear and discomfort in doing so, we here have made the registration process to the simplest. Even the points earned by you are shared as a discount coupon. No personal details are needed.